Hi, I’m Rowan McCabe and I’m a poet from Newcastle upon Tyne. There’s only two Rowan McCabes on the internet so, if you’re looking for an accountant from Melbourne, you’re in the wrong place.

I’ve been commissioned by Channel 4, Radio 3’s ‘The Verb’ and my work has been featured in the Guardian and on BBC Breakfast. I’ve performed on stages around the country, from the Edinburgh Fringe to Glastonbury Festival.

I’m also the world’s first Door-to-Door Poet. As such, I’m often mistaken for someone who wants to con people out of their money by offering a vague and abstract service. Again, if you’re looking for an accountant from Melbourne, you’re in the wrong place…

46 responses to “Home

  1. I have gone through your poem entitled ‘Death to Winter Blues’.I was extremely happy by your first line,”Summers beginning was teasing.” Real feeling.Excellent poem.
    Prof(Dr.)Brundaban Panda
    Legendary Poet(India)

  2. I have gone through your poem entitled ‘Death to Winter Blues’.I was extremely happy by your first line,”Summers beginning was teasing.” Real feeling.Excellent poem.

    • Wow thanks Prof Panda! Much appreciated, I think you’re my first fan in India 🙂 I just read and enjoyed your poem ‘Absolute Night’, I’m very interested in Hinduism (although not a religious man myself) I keep a wooden mask of Bhairava above the entrance to my house as it reminds me of my time spent in India.

      I’m very interested in the way death and destruction are simply part of the natural cycle of life in the Hindu religion, as you say “Omnipresent Lord Shiva again joins with nature,
      For creating new creation with enlighten feature.”

      This makes a nice change to my Catholic upbringing which taught that death and destruction are creations of the devil who must be ‘destroyed’ by the ‘good’ people in the world. I disagree with that as I believe that all is one in the universe. For that reason Hinduism is good stuff in my books! Keep up the good work my friend 🙂

  3. Heard you last night at Radikal Words – great stuff.

  4. Highly obliged for your praising words.I am your first Indian fan. Lucky after reading your message. Really in the matter of computer application I am too little. However,today I came across your message. My good wishes go. Your interest towards Hinduism pleased me very much.I am replying your message of 3 April,2014

  5. Michael fitzroy

    Great stuff Rowan! Just heard you on radio five.
    If you fancy a trip to Norfolk let me know .

  6. Graham Israel-holmes

    Death to winter blues. Totally loved it………….I want to see more of this great guy

  7. If you get down to london, would love to meet up

  8. Doug Harris

    Saw you on breakfast news. Thanks for being ‘deliberately different’. The world will never pause long enough to properly measure the value of what you bring, but it really should. Cap doffed Sir …

  9. Janette Andree

    Hi Rowan

    I have just seen you on breakfast television and love what you are doing. I’m a fashion designer from Stockton originally and am now living in London. I’ve been spending a lot of time back up in Stockton recently and would love to commission you to write some poems for my friends and family up there . Can I ask how you charge?



  10. Alan Robson

    What a fantastic concept. Warming peoples lives. I’ll buy the book of these poems when you publish

  11. Phil Isherwood

    Hi Rowan I’m a hospice poet in Bolton – your approach has similarities… Have you thought about writing for hospice patients? I have over 200 poems now!

  12. Hi Rowan, I’ve just been listening to your piece on the Today program .
    I am part of a children’s centre in Oxfordshire which is being closed down at the
    End of Feb 2017. We have a story to tell – such a great story – sad, poignant, political,
    Life-changing, community based- full of heart, triumph and ultimately loss. I’m worried
    Our story is about to disappear. But maybe if you were interested and willing to travel –
    You could help us capture something good from something sad and we could use your poem
    Both to remember and go forwards.
    Lexy Tuckwell

  13. Tony Hyland

    Hi Rosen, my name is Tony Hyland, I’ve just watched a clip of your work on the morning news, what a great idea! I was wondering could you personalise a poem for my wife please? I think it would make a great anniversary present. If so I’ll give you some details etc. (07515 690888)

    Best Wishes

    Tony H

  14. Hannah

    Brilliant piece on the Today programme – Great idea!

  15. kevin

    your are the door to door poet
    please make me cuppa tea

    iam your local poetry
    door to door knocking is my speciallity

    i knock o a door several times a day
    and say hello

    i was just in your area can i write some thing for you today

    the answer is yes what can you write for me please
    but sir or madam

    it must be poetry if you please
    okay go on them write some thing for me today

    iam the pompey poet
    how about some words which form play

    rhyming sounding so beautifully all day

    i am young poet
    who sat by the sea

    they call me the pompey poet
    as i enjoy my cuppa tea

    gazing out at the solent and all its beauty

    where nelson once sailed on the great Victory

    where french tried to defeat us but lost along the way

    as great british navy defeated them one day

    so if your ever in pompey and would like a cuppa tea

    the great pompey poet
    will make you a cuppa tea

    or read you some of his work from his blogs so beautifully


    is some of what ive written

    myheartsings poetry

    has words and lyrics to enjoy each day

    and the pompey poet is my other lovely name .

  16. Hi Rowan

    I just caught a snippet on the piece on the Today programme today. I run a Syrian refugee charity (Rural Refugee Network – we’re on Facebook) and am now trying to track down the poem that a line or two was read out this morning. I think it’s called Speak? If you could let me know where to find it that would be wonderful. We’re putting an art show on in London with the artist Alex Rennie http://www.alexrennie.co.uk and I can’t help thinking it would be amazing to get you involved too if it’s something that might interest you. It’s planned for Jan 2018 so we’ve a bit of time! I can be reached at hello@ruralrefugeenetwork.org.

    Thanks again – love what you’re doing.

    Julia Thistleton

  17. Hello again Rowan I’m not sure my last comment got on – basically I would love to get in touch as our children centre is closing and we need a voice to tell our story. You could be a light in the dark – something poetic to tell our story and give hope for the future!

  18. Julie

    Hi Rowan,
    Just learnt about you today on the news. I really need a poem to my husband asking for forgiveness. How much do you charge for your poems? I think this is a unique and lovely idea and I hope you are really successful in this venture,
    Kind regards,

  19. katie

    I was lucky enough to hear your ‘Snakes’ poem on Radio 5 Live this morning and really enjoyed it, especially your vocal effects. Then I switched the TV on and saw you on BBC Breakfast as well, and enjoyed that piece also.
    I imagine that you must get a lot of people turning you away from their doorsteps, so I just wanted to offer you encouragement for what you are doing – it was clear to see the joy that you bring to people for who your poems are written. Keep up the good work Rowan!

  20. Cameron Allsop

    Love your work man!…… inspiring!… got an Instagram account?….. would love to see one Ana daily poems posted…… really man you touch a cord in your work bud….. let me know… I’m in IG @cameron.allsop

  21. Helen

    You are doing a great service to people. I love it.

  22. Hi Rowan, loved the report on Look North. Please please please come to Sunderland, we are not all that bad. I used to home visit in health care and a dose of your poetry would liberate and improve so many lives

  23. Saw you on the BBC today – fabulous idea, creative and brave in an age that doesn’t seem to have time for creativity like this anymore.
    There is so much power in words – both in prose and in poetry. When used with integrity, they can change the world for the better. Good luck for the future. You made me smile this morning! And then again just now when I saw you on TV for the 2nd time.

  24. Margaret Magidi

    I did enjoy your TV show I saw on Wednesday. It just made me think of my elderly mum in Zimbabwe who worked really hard all her life. Being a nurse then, comparing to now, I feel that she never had a rest. I am very grateful to her and of cause my late dad. I just thought of your poems you write for people-how nice it would be to express myself on how thankful I am to be who I am.

    • ⊆∀⊥⊻ιN:你稍早提到「我也可以說某些時間馬鈴薯、香蕉、芭樂是過去的你(這些過去的你還可以同時有很多個, 出現在不同的地方), 囐²ƒºä½ éƒ½åƒéŽé€™äº›æ±è¥¿。」我覺得最後一句應該改成「因為你媽邽吃過這些東西」。白鹿曾是受çç¾åµ,受精卵由養份組成,養份由食物消化而成。因此阿尿也曾是他媽堃過的食物總和。

  25. Sarah

    Hi there , just been listening in on Steve wright show
    Sounds great …. please come to Norfolk , we are a
    Friendly bunch…! 🚜
    Sarah …..!

  26. Steve

    Hey Rowan! What a BRILLIANT concept..the Yorkshire Dales could benefit from your presence.. I’m writing my book about my council house upbringing in Lancashire. I’m s.davies@hi-spec.co.uk, would love to have a conversation.

  27. Phillip Robson

    Heard you on Steve wright in the afternoon today, brilliant, could you do me a poem for my daughter’s wedding please and let me know the cost. Thanking you in anticipation.
    Phillip Robson

  28. Mandy Bermingham

    Hi Rowan,

    Just heard about you on Radio 2 today and just loved your poem. You mentioned that your where looking for new areas within the U.K. to do your door to door visits.
    Have you tried visiting the Wirral? It’s a quirky little peninsula, not quite Liverpool or Wales and the people are fantastic.
    I was born there in Birkenhead, but now live near Cambridge.
    Pay them I visit as they’re very warm people with big hearts.

    Kindest regards,

    Mandy Bermingham.

  29. Des Fitzgerald

    Heard you with Steve Wright today Roman , brilliant. Wish I had a Dr Dave.
    Loved your film on here.
    Good luck with the festival too
    Good luck to you Rowan , a great talent and another Geordie gem 👍🏻

  30. Susan

    Rowen take a trip to yarm please i would love a poem sue g

  31. Jonathan Engleman

    Hi Rowan,
    I told my partner Eveke this evening
    about you while we were eating dinner tonight she thought you may be a great guest speaker and give a poetry workshop at the university of The Hague ( that’s where she works)
    If you think you would like to come back to The Hague in the new future
    to inspire adult international students
    Please let me know and I will pass on your details.
    I will also take you to the Panama Mesdag. You will love it .

  32. Joe fean

    Muchly enjoyed your session at Sage Freethinking. Our five year old grandson Rowan would be among the Lego and grapes with the rest of the kids. Regards Joe

  33. Loy White

    Really enjoyed hearing you last night at the Northern Stage.

  34. Sophie Adams

    Hello, apart from in the Guardian, have you had any of your work published? I saw you perform at the Bridgewater Canal Weekender Festival and loved your work. I am in the last year of my English Degree and have a project to create on contemporary poetry and a contemporary poet. I would love to use your work, and maybe ask you a few questions, but the poet has to have had publications for me to do so. Regards, Sophie Adams.

  35. Sarah Rees

    Just sat through a AUB 2hr lecture with you Rowan, and I loved it. Fresh and original material and all sprinkled with a great sense of humour. Hope you’ll be back next year for the next level 6s. The door to door poet stories were great too. Thank you.

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