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5 responses to “Contact

  1. joe

    BBC news door to door poetry ( hampstead highgate – lock the doors) 16.02.17
    what a idea that s rare
    i love every single inch
    first i am dropping pond square
    on the north road get ready to flinch.
    second to go is the grove
    this road brings nothing but pain
    its just a pressure cooker on stove
    i will knock every door on hampstead lane.
    number 3 is not sacred
    can not wait to knock it off its perch
    working my way up highgate hill is not hatred
    but more useful then st josephs church.
    recycling will finish
    it was a environmental disaster
    no carbon foot print so no vanish
    but its 3 less i need to plaster.
    poetry will arrive
    hampstead and highgate stand by your door
    this is now how i will duck and dive
    rowan mccabe you are ingenious infarct top draw.

  2. Heard your interview bit on NPR. Lovely work!

  3. Stephanie Bloomfield

    I heard you on the radio today and I was really touched and impressed (perhaps being touched always makes an impression – apologies for punning!). Good luck – your heart will lead you to the places you are needed. Stephanie

  4. Colin Harrison

    Hello marra
    Where are you originally from?
    Secondly, where I teach near Pontefract is a very fertile ground for your talents. Please reply as you willbe made most welcome.

  5. Colin Harrison

    Hello Rowan

    I should have checked your biog first. I heard you on Steve Wright yesterday, and I thought you must be a sanddancer like me. Please read my previous correspondence above.


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