An Open Letter to Aloe Blacc

Dear Mr. Blacc,

A few years ago I heard your song “I Need A Dollar” and was deeply saddened by the difficult situation you described. I am also a big drinker of wine, although I think whiskey tastes a bit like hot metal.

I was writing to let you know I have recently came into possession of one dollar and was wondering if you still need one? You see, I recently had one of my poems published by Everyday Poets (you can look at it here if you like) and they believe in giving all artists pay for what they do, even if financial restrictions mean they can’t offer very much (it’s the thought that counts, I’m sure you’ll agree). So at the minute, the amount they can give happens to be exactly one dollar!

As I live in the UK, there’s not really that much I can get here with my dollar. So I started thinking “who do I know who really really needs a dollar?” and I’m sure you can imagine why you sprung to mind.

Anyway, let me know if you still need one and I’ll sort you out.

Yours faithfully,

Rowan McCabe

P.S – Your boss shouldn’t be able to just fire you like that. Did you get a written warning beforehand or anything?

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Performance poet and yo-yo enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Aloe Blacc

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    1. Hi Jess,

      Considering I’m a poet and performer, and I have some level of integrity, I’m not really interested in copying something from somewhere else and desperately trying to pass it off as my own. Nor do I need ‘unlimited’ articles for my page, for me it’s more about quality not quantity. I think you’re looking for some wanky corporate blog for a z-list celebrity- I suggest you try Sarah Beeny.



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