A Deer in a Licence Plate Shop: A Strange and Epic Saga

– – The following poem is a completely true story. It happened to me two years ago, in Heaton, near Newcastle city centre, while I was on my way to work: – – I’ve wanted to take a copy of this poem back to the licence plate shop for a long time. It’s probably theContinue reading “A Deer in a Licence Plate Shop: A Strange and Epic Saga”

The Fuzzy Line Between Acting and Lying

I was doing a workshop with performance poet, novelist and general legend of a man Polarbear a few weeks ago and he asked us all a question: “Is there a difference between acting and lying?” It’s not the first time I’ve wondered, but the fact that I’ve been writing the script for North East Rising recentlyContinue reading “The Fuzzy Line Between Acting and Lying”