Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide @ The Edinburgh Fringe (7th-28th August)

It’s the hottest week on record and I’ve spent most of it in my flat with the curtains drawn, running over a script I finished in February. But I’m going to make up for it next month. I’m taking my new show Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide up to Edinburgh as part of the PBH’s Free Fringe.

For those of you not familiar, Door-to-Door Poetry involved me knocking on doors and writing bespoke poems for strangers, for free, on any subject of their choosing. In March 2019, I took the project all around England. I decided to visit one location every month for 12 months. Through this bold and arguably stupid act, I was trying to explore the idea of nationhood and find out if strangers are really as scary as they’re made out to be. But as March 2020 approached, world events pushed the project in a very different direction…

Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide is a mixture of poetry and theatre that tells the story of what happened to me on my travels. Directed by Peader Kirk, it’s a show about class and community. It also involves not one, but two extendable camping stools! If you’ve never seen one of those before you’re in for a treat I tell you.

The show is free to attend and you can catch it at The Street Bar (Venue 239) at 19:45 every day from the 7th-28th August (except Saturday the 20th).

Here’s a little trailer put together by Ian Paine.

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