Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide @ The Edinburgh Fringe (7th-28th August)

It’s the hottest week on record and I’ve spent most of it in my flat with the curtains drawn, running over a script I finished in February. But I’m going to make up for it next month. I’m taking my new show Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide up to Edinburgh as part of the PBH’s Free Fringe.Continue reading “Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide @ The Edinburgh Fringe (7th-28th August)”

Review: Jibba Jabba 25/07/13 @ The Cumberland Arms

It’s about 30 degrees and I’m crammed in a crowded, darkened room. The sweat is pouring from my face into a puddle on the floor and we’re all listening to a woman with tarot cards explain a mysterious Hindu proverb. You’d be excused for thinking I’m in the Far East, but I’m not. I’m justContinue reading “Review: Jibba Jabba 25/07/13 @ The Cumberland Arms”