The Fuzzy Line Between Acting and Lying

I was doing a workshop with performance poet, novelist and general legend of a man Polarbear a few weeks ago and he asked us all a question: “Is there a difference between acting and lying?” It’s not the first time I’ve wondered, but the fact that I’ve been writing the script for North East Rising recentlyContinue reading “The Fuzzy Line Between Acting and Lying”

The Anti Slam: How Crap Poetry Taught Me the Point of Spoken Word

A few weeks ago I got an offer to be a part of something really fun. “How would you like to do the Anti Slam, a competition where poets stand up in front of judges and, instead of trying to do the best  they can, they try to be laughably, gloriously shit and lose”. “Easy!”Continue reading “The Anti Slam: How Crap Poetry Taught Me the Point of Spoken Word”

Writing Poems for Hallmark: A Polite Exchange

  Creative Opportunities ( Add to contacts 23/04/2014 To: Hi Rowan,   Thanks for sending us your work, we enjoyed looking through it. We’re always looking for new talent so I really appreciate you taking the time to think of us and giving us the opportunity to see it.   Unfortunately the styles you’veContinue reading “Writing Poems for Hallmark: A Polite Exchange”

Getting Away From It All with Simon Mole

I’m really excited to announce I’ll be shadowing MC and spoken word performer Simon Mole as he runs a workshop at ARC in Stockton on the 16th of August. He’s a really talented performer who mixes theatre and rap together and he’s equally well-known in the world of UK hip hop as he is inContinue reading “Getting Away From It All with Simon Mole”